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Here are some photos of Charlie Burton taken throughout his career.  Click on an image to view a larger version.

The Megatones
The Megatones, at the Zoo Bar circa 1974.  From left to right:  Walt Warnsholz, sax; G. Otto Spalti, bass; Charlie, vocal, guitar & harmonica; Bill Dye, guitar; Butch Berman, keyboards & guitar; Dave Robel, drums.

Solid Senders
The Solid Senders, from 1976, subsequently renamed Charlie Burton & Rock Therapy.   Clockwise from left:  Charlie, vocal & guitar; Butch Berman, guitar; G. Otto Spalti, bass; Dave Robel, drums.

Rock Therapy
Charlie Burton & Rock Therapy, a habit forming combo. Shot during 1977, used on sleeve of "Rock & Roll Behavior" single.

Charlie Burton & The Cutouts
Charlie Burton & The Cutouts, from a 1980 photo.  L-R:  Phil Shoemaker, guitar; Dave Robel, drums; G. Otto Spalti, bass; Charlie, vocal & guitar.  Check out Phil's t-shirt!

open heart closed fist
Charlie Burton & bandmates exhibiting passive/aggressive personality traits, from photo session for "Don't Fight the Band.." album cover.

Charlie Burton & The Cutouts
On the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol, either '82 or '83.

Charlie Burton & The Hiccups
The ever-coy Charlie Burton & The Hiccups, from either '84 or '85.  L-R:  Dave Robel, drums; Phil Shoemaker, guitar; Charlie, vocal & guitar; Tom Rierden, bass.

Charlie & Elvis
Charlie pays homage to The King on the Walk of Fame, Hollywood, 1985.

Charlie Burton & The Hiccups
Charlie Burton & The Hiccups, late '80s publicity photo.  L-R:  David Boye, bass; Phil Shoemaker, guitar & keyboards; Charlie, vocal & guitar; Dave Robel, drums.

cinderella_thumbnail.jpg (2463 bytes)
Astronomy Picture of the Day:  When Worlds Collide...Charlie and combo shown ca. 1989 at a Sioux Falls, SD Holiday Inn where they entertained at the party commemorating the first anniversary of the world tour featuring Winger, The Bullet Boys, and (pictured) Cinderella. The road manager was shortly thereafter thrown into the massive cake shown in the background.

charlie&ej_thumbnail.jpg (3984 bytes)
Charlie with Evan Johns and C. "Buggs" Coombs.  From Kerrville, TX Daily Times, November 6, 1992.

johnny_bush_thumbnail.jpg (3285 bytes)
Grecian Formula for Beards Advertisement Auditions ca. 1994: Charlie and his (and everyone's!!!)hero, honky-tonk singer Johnny Bush at Bismeaux Recording Studios.

Charlie and Stella
Charlie serenades Stella, beloved barmaid at Austin's Carousel Lounge, October 1998. (picture 1998 John Lee Barton)

Scenes from Charlie's South By Southwest 2000 showcase at the legendary Broken Spoke honky-tonk.  The Texas Twelve Steppers on stage, L-R:  Jim Stringer, guitar; Lee Potter, drums; Charlie; Vic Gerrard, bass; Sid Sanchez, guitar.

Charlie flooring the crowd at his induction into the Nebraska Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Pla-Mor Ballroom, Lincoln 8/5/00.  (pictures courtesy Kelly Nash)

More photos from his induction showcase...


At the Zoo Bar, Lincoln 12/26/01.




Thanks to Robel for supplying several great pix!


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