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Dirty Linen #75 (Apr/May '98)

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Charlie Burton and the Texas Twelve Steppers Rustic Fixer-Upper
Lazy SOB 003 (1997)

Good songwriting, like good writing more generally, can often be described as showing something old in a new way. This ability to make the familiar unfamiliar in humorous yet subversive ways seems to be a talent shared by many of Austin’s best songwriters, most outrageously seen in the work of Mojo Nixon, but also a feature of Cornell Hurd, Charlie Robinson, and Robert Earl Keen. Charlie Burton shows this talent in abundance. He packaged his admonition that a woman dump the man that mistreats her with the disturbingly revealing "I’ve seen him treat you like a non-Caucasian." The album is skillfully produced by David Sanger of Asleep at the Wheel and spiritedly backed by Sanger, Mark Korpi and Vic Gerard, former bass player of the excellent Austin rockabilly outfit, the Derailers. Burton has put together an album that clearly shows why so many people rave on about the Austin music scene: insightful songwriting, heartfelt music, and it swings.
--Char R. Leslie-Miller

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