Blue Suede News
Summer 99 (#47)

We first heard of Charlie Burton in the pages of early issues of this magazine! Former Lincoln, Nebraska writer/musician Bart Becker had a short reviews column, and Burton's name came up more than once. Probably some of the stuff on this retrospective collection, subtitled "The Charlie Burton Story:'77-'99" was part of the recordings Bart was reviewing. Burton is basically straight ahead rock'n'roll oriented, and as one might expect from the era of these recordings, displays some rock influences as well - even some obnoxious distorted guitar on "Breathe For Me Presley" (which could have been a Mojo Nixon track easily). But Burton is a good writer of sometimes off-center songs (titles like "Rabies Shot", "Succubus", "Roadkill"), and is a roots rock hero in the mid-west. His stuff also ranges from country rock to even one Beatles sounding track, and the most recent stuff is kinda tongue-in-cheek country. Here's a chance to sample his oeuvre on a new label. Bulldog Records, 1514 Richcreek Rd., Austin, TX

78757. - MB


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